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The practice is led by Ash Pal, an experienced technology leader and advisor to the Global CIOs at the world’s largest companies.

Ash comes from a family of entrepreneurs/innovators and has experienced the rough and the smooth sides of that world via personal start-ups in telecoms, green tech and professional services—a win, a draw and a loss so far.

Ash’s current work focuses on IT organization and leadership matters – particularly around digital governance to help them become more nimble and entrepreneurial. The focus is on the hidden people, organization, and decision enhancers which are frequently and sadly neglected at great cost. His professional skills as a stress counselor are a vital supporting tool.

His corporate career included roles as a senior director in Microsoft’s Europe, Middle-East and Africa leadership team and as a Vice-President for several international technology and consulting organizations significantly contributing during their periods of greatest financial growth. These include The Research Board, the world’s most influential think tank focusing on strategic issues confronting CIO’s.

Ash is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a member of the UK Institute of Leadership and Management. He is married and has six dogs who employ him as their personal butler, trainer and walker. They are his most demanding customers.