IT leaders need to speed up... - Welcome to BloodyIT™ IT leaders need to speed up... - Welcome to BloodyIT™

We believe that IT leaders need to speed up, take a more assertive leadership position in the emerging world of digital, new business models, new competition and new opportunities.

Our view and that of the CIOs’ we work with is that the world of IT in 10 years time won’t be 10% different, it will be 1,000% different. In the same way that the steam engine transformed business and technology in the 18th Century, we believe that the IT function can do the same in the 21st century. And if you won’t do it, someone with more ambition will do it to you – whether it is Google, Salesforce, Amazon or most likely a new competitor.

The Global CIOs’ and senior leadership teams of the world’s largest and most significant companies are successful people who realize that what got them here will not necessarily get them to, and over, the next hill.

We focus on working with these organizations to provide a thinking partner and a challenge to help them maximize differentiation.