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Often clients use us for kick-off events, for facilitation, or to provide subject matter expertise and guidance. If you would like to speak to us about an engagement please contact us on

Our talks (we prefer to call them conversations) focus on a variety of leadership themes including digital, CIO authenticity and how to create organisations that lead rather than follow. Our most recent research (and the subject of the next book) focuses on what IT leaders can learn from surgeons and medicine. It turns out to be a lot and some of it is surprising.

We’ve spoken at over 200 client and vendor events in 40+ countries on 5 continents to thousands of people in private client engagements and to conferences all over the world.

We work hard to be engaging and have spoken in board rooms around the world, at conferences, universities, on ships, training academies, in comedy clubs and persuaded senior leaders to give each other massages and neck rubs. We’ve shared podiums with CEOs and sent leaders into trance. We are serially curious about the world and now work with leadership teams on the challenges of digital leadership—individually, for companies and for cities.

The need of every audience is different and as needed we will customise material to your specific requirements and format (presentation, workshop, facilitation, board meeting, etc).

The work of our principals has been featured in media such as the Financial Times, the Economist, CNN and Sky TV.